Stera Chemicals

           it is one of the main distributors of raw materials on the Romanian market.

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Stera Chemicals 

Since 2009, the only FECC member in Romania is part of the voice of the European Chemical Distribution Industry.         

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Due to the technology we have and the desire to meet our customers we can order the production or division of any product at your request.​



We own: devices designed specifically for filling containers through simple and effective processes, tank adaptations and tanks, sealing devices, labelling and packing, and transvasive pumps.​



We help you identify the best choice of products and services suitable for your business. Our consultants will support you to optimise your production processes using Stera Chemicals products.​


We have the ability to develop new products to meet customer requests. We can adapt and deliver any chemicals from grams to tonnes.​

Always the first.​

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